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Tinnemans Medical Design

Care and maintenance Formica® Solid Surfacing

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Care and maintenance precautions.
Do not place high temerature objects directly on solid surfacing material. Hot cookware can damage your solid surface. The use of a trivet or other insulating pad is recommended.
Avoid cutting on your solid surface under excessive or abusive usage conditions, Solid surface will show cut marks. The use of a cutting board is recommended.
While Formica® solid surfacing is resistant to most common household chemicals, some strong acid or alkaline cleaners and cleaners can mark or permanently discolour the solid surface if allowed to remain on the surface for an extended period. Accidental spills or splatters from hardh materials should be wiped off immediately and then rinsed with water. Potentialy harmful compositions include: toilet bowl cleaners, ceramic hob cleaners, contact adhesive solvent, oven cleaners, paint or nailpolish removers, lacquer thinners, metal cleaners.
Cleaning & Restiration.
Formica® solid surfacing material will give you years of service and enjoyment with some simple care and precautions.
To keep clean and remove simple stains:
Use a damp cloth and any household detergent to maintain a fresh and clean look.
To remove stubhorn stains, hard water deposits, cigarette burns, and minor scratches on matt-finish materials:
Use an abrasivecleanser or an abrasive scrub sponge such as 3M Scotch Brite or Cif, brand green/yellow kitchen scrub sponge.
To remove deep stains and scratches:
If you weren't able to remove the stains or scratches contact Tinnemans Medical Design.
To restore polished surfaces:
Special skills and equipment are required to restore polished finishes Contact Tinnemans Medical Design.
To restore severe damage:
Special skills and equipment are required to repair damaged sections. Contact Tinnemans Medical Design.

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